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Great News From Belize!


The country of Belize has decided to re-open the Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City on October 1st, 2020.  What this means is that travel to Belize will begin to be allowed on a limited basis on that date.  There are some limitations and procedures to follow when planning on coming to Belize and we’ll try to explain them later.

First of all, everyone at the Blue Bonefish Lodge, want to thank all of our clients for their patience and understanding throughout this pandemic period.  There have been a lot of unknowns as to travel dates and rescheduling, and we sincerely appreciate everyone who spoke with Chris, Conner and Bill about rescheduling their trips.  We are taking a cautious approach to re-opening the Lodge at this point.  We are trying to give everyone in the United States and other countries the opportunity to re-adjust to the “new normal” of traveling, therefore, we are planning on re-opening the Lodge for guests on November 1, 2020.

The Government of Belize has developed protocols to keep visitors and citizens safe during the re-opening of the airport on October 1st.  All visitors to Belize will be required to adhere to health and safety measures including social distancing, hand sanitizing, proper hygiene and the wearing of face masks in public areas.

So here a few items to do before you come to Belize:

  1. All passengers traveling to Belize will be required to download the Belize Health App and complete the required information prior to boarding the flight to Belize. A QR code with a unique ID number will be returned to the passenger and will be used for contact tracing while in Belize. The health app will be available soon at
  2. Passengers are encouraged to take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of your flight to Belize.
  3. Passengers that provide certification of a negative test result for the above mentioned test will be allowed entry into Belize via a “fast track” lane.
  4. Passengers that don’t provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test result, must test upon arrival in Belize, at the passenger’s expense. A negative test will allow entry into Belize.   A positive test result will require a mandatory 14 day quarantine at the passenger’s expense.

Belize has been very fortunate to have a limited number of COVID-19 cases.  They are doing their best to limit that number by being very strict about travel into the country and contact tracing of those visitors.

The Blue Bonefish Lodge is doing it’s part by being proactive in it’s cleaning procedures and assuring it’s clients of proper social distancing measures.  We are preparing for endorsement in Belize’s “Tourism Gold Standard” Recognition Program for hotels, lodges, restaurants and tour operators.  This 9 point program seeks to enhance the tourism industry’s health and safety standards with actions like, daily temperature checks, hand sanitizing stations, enhanced room cleaning and daily reporting via the Belize Health App.  We want your trip to be just as enjoyable and memorable as it would have been prior to the pandemic.  Our guides are anxious to get back to the fish that haven’t been cast to in several months, so the action should be tremendous.      See you soon!!


The Blue Bonefish Lodge Gold Standard Health and Safety Plan

The Blue Bonefish Lodge has implemented the following measures and procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID 19.  They are in accordance with the requirements of the Gold Standard of Excellence Program established by the government of Belize and we ask your cooperation in following these guidelines while you are staying at the Blue Bonefish Lodge.

  1. Download and complete the Belize Health App. See for access to the app.  It should be available soon.  Guests will be required to use the app on a daily basis to report their temperature and possible symptoms, if any.
  1. Face coverings or masks are required at all times while in public areas. This includes arrival at the airport and transportation to the Lodge.  While at the Lodge, a mask is recommended while in and around the Lodge, Main Room, Dining area, Decks and Pool area.
  1. Maintain Social Distancing. Please respect each other’s space and maintain at least 6 feet apart from other guests and employees.
  1. Utilize Hand Sanitizing Stations. There will be well marked hand sanitizing stations upstairs and downstairs at the Lodge.  Hand sanitizers will be provided in all guest rooms.
  1. The Lodge will conduct twice daily temperature readings via contactless thermometer. Temperature readings from each guest and employee is recorded and reported to the Tourism Information System (TIS).
  1. If you feel sick or feverish, please contact Chris, our Gold Standard manager, immediately for further guidance. We will do our best to accommodate your situation. We will be required to follow strict guidelines regarding your care and referral to the local medical clinic.
  1. Please be aware that our staff will be doing required daily cleaning and disinfecting of all guest rooms and areas around the Lodge. Your assistance and cooperation is appreciated.
  1. Meals will still be served in the Main Room of the Lodge. Social distancing prior to and during meals is expected.  Seating at the tables will be spaced as much as possible.
  1. During the early phases of this reopening of Belize, guests are limited to staying on the Lodge premises.

-Guests are allowed to leave on a guided tour, such as fishing with one of our

guides, or on a guided tour arranged by the Lodge or outside approved Tour

operator, such as scuba diving, snorkeling.

As we work our way through this pandemic and try to get closer to a normal life,  we appreciate you choosing the Blue Bonefish Lodge.  We will do everything we can to make your stay as enjoyable as possible within the restrictions that we must abide by.  Feel free to ask questions or let us know your concerns while you are here.




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